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A. Around Town

[There's a young, blonde haired boy simply going about his way in the snow. More accurately, he seems to be busy either building snow men or finding snowmen that have been built by others. And once he finds one or has finished building one himself?

He turns to a small, pumpkinheaded figure that has been floating beside him.]

Burn it.

[The little pumpkinheaded creature gives a small laugh, raising its lantern as a ball of fire shoots forth from it towards the snowman. Sometimes the ball of flame consumes the snowman immediately. Sometimes it just bunches a hole through part of it, the heat still lingering and quickly evaporating the snow. When it speaks, the creature's voice is high and child-like.]

Hee, watch how it melts master, ho!

[And Lucifer does. He just smiles, watching the snowmen melt, as if trying to find how many different ways there are to melt it.

B. Olney's Tavern, Evening

[If you happen to be at the Tavern tonight, you'll find yourself having a round bought for you, free of charge. If you want to find out who it is that bought it, you'll be pointed to the direction of a man in his early thirties. There's a dog-like creature curled around his feet, eyes watching the others in the bar, although it isn't moving. Despite how dog like it's head is, it's body is long, at least six or seven feet, and oddly flexible. It shouldn't be able to curl that much.

The man just looks in your direction and smiles, before raising his glass.]

Happy holidays.

[OOC: All responses to Action B will be done with the journal [ profile] allhisfaces


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