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A. Around Town

[There's a young, blonde haired boy simply going about his way in the snow. More accurately, he seems to be busy either building snow men or finding snowmen that have been built by others. And once he finds one or has finished building one himself?

He turns to a small, pumpkinheaded figure that has been floating beside him.]

Burn it.

[The little pumpkinheaded creature gives a small laugh, raising its lantern as a ball of fire shoots forth from it towards the snowman. Sometimes the ball of flame consumes the snowman immediately. Sometimes it just bunches a hole through part of it, the heat still lingering and quickly evaporating the snow. When it speaks, the creature's voice is high and child-like.]

Hee, watch how it melts master, ho!

[And Lucifer does. He just smiles, watching the snowmen melt, as if trying to find how many different ways there are to melt it.

B. Olney's Tavern, Evening

[If you happen to be at the Tavern tonight, you'll find yourself having a round bought for you, free of charge. If you want to find out who it is that bought it, you'll be pointed to the direction of a man in his early thirties. There's a dog-like creature curled around his feet, eyes watching the others in the bar, although it isn't moving. Despite how dog like it's head is, it's body is long, at least six or seven feet, and oddly flexible. It shouldn't be able to curl that much.

The man just looks in your direction and smiles, before raising his glass.]

Happy holidays.

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They say to be careful what you wish for.

I wonder if those who the town has chosen to spirit away think, still, that they got what they were promised.

Then again.

Nothing good ever comes from listening to voices promising false hope.
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A. Near the Church, Afternoon

[If you happen to be by the church today, you might spot a young, blonde haired boy looking at it from a short distance. It's hard to tell what he's doing at first; considering it looks like he's hiding behind a tree, he could easily be mistaken as a child possibly playing a game with a friend. But if you look closer, it becomes fairly obvious that he is, for some reason, watching the church.

And shortly the church bell rings, announcing the end of the service, the doors opening and the drone congregation pouring out. The boy's head moves a little, following the line of drones as they leave, as if trying to survey just how many were in there.

After a moment, the boy gives a small sound of disgust, before saying to no one in particular.]

You must be loving this, aren't you?

B. Around Town

[Around various points in town today, you'll find that several weird, almost cute looking snowmen have been constructed. All throughout the park, on the sidewalks, maybe even on your front lawn.

Eventually, you might come across the culprit himself, diligently making another one and humming softly to himself.]
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[Action 1]

[It's a beautiful Saturday morning, isn't it? And, being a Saturday, it is perhaps surprising to find an elementary school student on school grounds, having apparently acquired a pail of paint and brush. The boy has taken it upon himself, as his duty in fact, to add some color to the school on this day off.

If no one interrupts him and he gets to finish his work, those who might pass by the school today will find the following written on the side of the school building.]

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.

[Lucifer just stares at the words for a few moments, as if admiring his work. It was small, but it was still defiance. It was something.]

[Action 2]

[As you're going about your business today, you might pass a group of three boys. Two of the boys are quite clearly drones, while the other is not. The one who isn't a drone is especially obvious because of the mis-matched red and blue eyes he has. Either way, he seems to be trying to convince the two drone boys of something.]

But you said he was rude to you, did you not?

Well yeah, Johnny was, but he apologized!

Yeah Louis, no hard feelings, y'know? No reason to gang up on a guy.

So you will simply accept his rudeness, then? If someone is rude to you...should they not have to answer for their actions?

Aw c'mon Louis, he apologized! It's not like he meant it!

A slight is still a slight. Does an apology truly have any meaning? If someone hadn't meant to do something, they would not have done it. Saying something is a "mistake" is just saying "I've been caught in my act".

[The two drone boys laugh at that.]

Gosh Louis, you sure are weird sometimes!

You're just putting us on, yeah! We'll see you later!

[The two drone boys leave, leaving a very irritated looking Lucifer behind, murmuring to himself.]

No spirit or will....
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I see. Do things like this happen often? I suppose this place is as dangerous as people say, or sounds like it.

It seems like they want to show us something. Perhaps everything people see is not pleasant, but must be seen none-the-less. Think of it as a contest. They will show us bad things, and we will endure them.

With the tone, I suppose we will simply see what is greater: their perseverance, or our endurance.

I have no doubt our endurance is greater. I accept their challenge. Will anyone else?
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[Waking in a human bed, and in what was clearly a child's room, was among the list of things Lucifer least expected. The world he had least been in, as he had left it, had been torn apart. Had been painted over new as it changed from the world of man to a blank slate of sorts: the Vortex world. The idea that he should be in a household that was left whole, let alone have been put there without his knowing....that was inconceivable. And in an odd way, eerily attractive to him, that something could have done it.

He flexed his hands, still the hands of a child, as had been the current incarnation he'd taken, and he willed them to change. To allow him to shift form.

If being in a new place had been a surprise to him, finding himself stripped of his power and authority was an even greater one. And this surprise was far less welcome than the first one. He restrained himself from picking up the framed picture of....himself, and whoever the strangers were within it and smashing it to the crowd. He would relieve himself of his anger, and have his retribution, but it was important he at least discover something about the current cage he'd been placed in. Without his powers, he was unfortunately vulnerable, and if there were beings who could strip him of power, who knew what else they could do? It wasn't fear that motivated him, not really, but simple caution.

It seems it would be time to explore.]

[Action - Locked to 1485 Kramden]

[Hey Aaron, feel free to notice you have a new housemate as he goes about inspecting the entire house. He leaves not a single spot untouched: the restrooms, the front room, the kitchen, and, most importantly, your room Aaron. He will head into there and just start searching without a word like no one's business.

Have fun dealing with him.]

[Action - Wandering Town]

[Being in new worlds wasn't foreign to Lucifer. Indeed, his contests with God had been waged across several worlds, across several dimensions, reality itself being the board they played on. And so, he wandered Mayfield, apparently aimlessly, by trying to tell the rules and layout of the current world.

He was somewhat surprised to find it circular, rotating in back on itself, much like the Vortex World. He wondered for a minute if it could simply be another one of the worlds that Kagatsuchi was housed in, but discarded that theory quickly: there was no sign of the life-giving moon in the sky, but the common, human world sun. This was something different.

He was disgusted with the town as a whole. Of the identical streets filled to the brim with the same houses and same fences and same mailboxes, of the storefronts that had different names but looked identical on the outside. It was disgusting conformity, in its purest form, and he keeps wandering in the hopes of finding something to break it.

After a while, he finally stops and gives a small smirk, looking up to the sky.]

Is this it, then? Your ideal world? You would like this, wouldn't you?

I suppose I could wonder how you did it, perhaps even why, in bringing me here. But in the end, it doesn't matter.

This place, too, will be brought back to its original state, to its purest form.

Perhaps you thought it was a victory, trapping me here. Soon? You'll find it a mistake.


[The voice over the phone is that of a young boy, around ten years old. It's polite and quick, not wasting time, and almost overly formal for his age.]

Hello. My name is Louis, and it would appear I've been trapped here, as well as everyone else. I won't ask for much: all I wish to know is where we are, why, and how, if these things are known.

I have no intention of wasting anyone else's time, and in fact wish to help. I ask then that my time is not wasted.

[Or, you know, he doesn't really care if you're entertaining enough. Go ahead.]


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