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Out Of Character Information
Name: James | [[Bad username or unknown identity: truebluehorror]]Age: 25
Time zone: -2
Contact: e-mail:, plurk: nathander
Anything we should know?: I will love you forever also apping this bad boy in as a NPC

In Character Information
Name: Louis Cypher/Louisa Ferra/LUCIFER
Series: Shin Megami Tensei
Canon Standing: Following the Neutral ending of Strange Journey
Age: Born shortly after the dawn of creation by the voice and will of YHWH
Birthday & Astrology Sign: Jul 29th because why not lets make him a Leo
Arcana: The Devil

Lucifer is a being of contradictions.

He is, for the most part, no-nonsense. When Lucifer sets his mind to a goal he intends to have the goal carried out and finished and will not let up on it until such has occurred. In most cases, this goal has to do with attempting to stifle the forces of God, or the forces of Law, whoever and wherever they might be as the two are interchangeable in the world of Shin Megami Tensei. This goal supersedes everything else, and there is no cost to great or sacrifice too much that could be made in order to ensure this goal might come to fruition. As the head of the Chaos faction, Lucifer promotes the idea of unrestrained, and typically unguided, growth and he sees the best way of ensuring this to be the propagation of a strict form of survival of the fittest. Once mankind has been tested and become strong and can compete with demons, either in terms of strength or even just by the ability of summoning them, then Lucifer believes that man and demon will be able to live on equal terms and create a world in which they might both live beside one another. There will always be conflict between them of course, as the strong will always have to weed out the weak, but still it’ll be a world with its own balance and equality that exists beyond the whims of God.

Considering his insistence on this form of radical survival of the fittest, Lucifer is not a very trusting or open person. While Lucifer can manage to be sociable and even talkative at times, it’s very rare that he’d reveal all too much of himself to someone. He isn’t necessarily shy about who he is or what he is, although he realizes the revelation of the fact that he’s the devil, and how most people would perceive the devil, gives him a definite disadvantage, at least when dealing with humans. Demons and other supernatural beings he is a bit more open with in his nature and who he is, although there’s a very good chance this is because he wants to set up who the superior being in the exchange is (and in Lucifer’s eyes it will always be himself, with very few exceptions). That Lucifer is on guard at all times is a given; however, due to how much power he wields it’s very rare that he feels truly threatened or exercises to great a caution in regards to protecting himself. Protecting himself in combat he can do with ease in most situations; it’s keeping his cover and speaking with others which, while not difficult, can be troublesome to ensure his real identity isn’t unearthed before he decides it’s time to show who he really is.

Lucifer is, unsurprisingly, a schemer. Competing on the scale of a being like God in his universe has taught Lucifer he needs to take an indirect means in order to accomplish his goals. Not only this, but Lucifer alone cannot accomplish his goals. He simply doesn’t have the power to supersede God. Mankind, however, has, which is why man has found itself to be the neutral party that God and Lucifer have dragged into their war over and over again as the main pieces who move what happens on their battlefield. Instead of using displays of power, Lucifer tends to seek out human beings with the potential for great power in and of themselves and try to persuade them to his cause in order to spread the domain of the Chaos faction or his own whims. Most often Lucifer simply appears at first as a very helpful human, either aiding the person he has chosen through advice, information, or (in the case of Naoki/The Demi-Fiend) providing them a means of power and survival. In an odd way Lucifer does genuinely care about mankind. While it would be faulty to say he has affection for them, he is impressed by them and the fact that they have the ability to grow and develop, a trait often lacking in demons and other supernatural creatures. Because of that, he’d much rather not have mankind become mindless slaves to God/YHVH or played by His will to carry out his bidding, even if indirectly, and does what he can to stall and hurt God’s plans, both due to his own hatred of YHVH and the forces of Law and his desire to see mankind be allowed to reach their full potential. Lucifer’s sincere when he says he’d like to see a world where demonkind and man might co-exist at the end of everything. But just because that’s what he wants doesn’t mean he won’t abandon it or start leading man and the world he inhabits down fiercer forms of destruction and retaliation against God if he finds it beneficial.

Perhaps most important is the fact that Lucifer is a proud creature. He rebelled against God and his Alignment/Reason because he thought his own superior. He puts little, if any, value to the opinions of people who would dissent with his own ideals, meeting them with apathy at best (and most often) and hatred and vitriol at worst (as would be the case with those he associates with the alignment of Law). Lucifer is fearless, because he feels he has nothing to fear and even beings that are clearly stronger than him such as YHVH he merely meets with scorn and contempt. He is a powerful being and he expects those who do know who he is to treat him with the respect due him and for those who may not know who he is to, at the very least, mind their manners towards him. To be fair, Lucifer is quite good to those who meet his approval (or in his own mind, at least, he is) and he is at times capable of being sociable and even legitimately helpful, if still detached.

In his own way, he wishes to aid mankind. But he does not wish to nurture them or strip who they are from them to suit his own image. Without a doubt he wants mankind to choose the path he is providing, but he won't force it on them. If they're to take it, it will be of their own accord.

Personal choice and freedom, after all, is the defintion of Chaos.

Here's some information as the demon Lucifer
And more on Lucifer's human forms

Canon Powers:
Lucifer's stats throughout the series/games

On top of these, Lucifer appears to have the ability to teleport, as well as shapeshifting between different human forms. However, each human form also has a "tell", in that he always appears to be blonde haired and to have one blue eye and one red. Alongside this, Lucifer will always appear to be the same race of the person he's speaking with; i.e. if s/he's speaking with a human, s/he appears human. With an alien, s/he appears to be of that alien's race. In regards to other demons s/he still appears in his/her human disguised form. In the case of artificial beings, such as a robots, he'll either appear as one of the race that built them, or if it's an artificial race that has no builders/some kind of strange self-replicating race (like Transformers), he/she will appear in his/her human form. These fall under Mind powers.

Like demon summoners, he can summon demons by his side as well. In the games these can range from one demon to swarms of them. In this case I'll be listing six demons he can summon under the "allies" section.

Canon Weapons|Items:
Motherfucker is King of Demons he needs no weaposn.

Canon Allies:
Black Frost
White Rider
Red Rider
Black Rider
Pale Rider

Canon Baggage:
A set of suits/dress for each form. A few bottles of wine. If possible a Magatama.

Writing Sample
A writing sample from Tower of Animus


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