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Player name: James
Contact info: Plurk at nathander
Other characters currently played: CRAU! Pokey Minch

Character name: Louis Cypher/Louisa Ferra/Hikaru/Lucifer
Age: Unknown; supposedly shortly after creation; appears 10-12 in the form he's taken in.
Canon: Shin Megami Tensei
Canonpoint: The End of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, with the Demi-Fiend having chosen the path of True Demon and becoming Lucifer's general.


Lucifer isn't entirely what you'd expect of the beast who shouted at God in rebellion and fell for his sin. That isn't to say Lucifer is a pleasant creature by any means; he's in fact quite a bit of a monster. Lucifer is a major proponent of the concept of "might makes right". Lucifer believes that the means to power and control should be in the hands of those who have proven themselves the most fit, primarily in physical strength and combat although proving you're intellectually competent as well wouldn't hurt. Because of this more or less social Darwinist view, Lucifer is himself a loner of sorts. He's cold and distant a great deal of the time and seems to either be unable or unwilling to comprehend the emotions of most others. Whether this incomprehension is due to his angelic/divine nature or because of his own view of the world which most humans would view as sociopathic is unknown. While he usually will not go out of his way to be cruel, he has little problem with stating a harsh truth or something that could be cruel in situations where it wouldn't be appropriate. The feelings and thoughts of other sentient beings are unimportant in achieving his own goals, and if they wish to allow their emotions to get in the way of their own rational actions or, worse yet, somehow get their emotions in his way or to annoy him, he'll happily smash them down.

That being said, Lucifer isn't the pinnacle of evil he's made out to be. All he does he does not out of any malice or hatred for sentient creatures or mankind, but to spite God and the forces of Law. As the representative of Chaos, Lucifer sees it as his goal to establish a meritocracy, and often times extols the virtues of such a society, often in flowery language, sometimes slipping into very clear social Darwinist rhetoric. And Lucifer does love to talk. While Lucifer may seem to lack the ability for most personal relationships, he does love to talk and debate, though if this is because he secretly pines for companionship of some kind and won't admit it or merely an extension of his love of conflict is unknown. Lucifer can be nosy, mostly because Lucifer is a schemer and in knowing the creatures of the land he has a better chance of seeing his schemes out to their fruition. He tends to speak in a very respectable tone, avoiding profanity or generally base language, and can on instances show his age by slipping into much more archaic terms of speech, such as "thy" and "thou".

Despite being an avatar of Chaos and constant change, Lucifer is himself oddly consistent. While he can take multiple forms, each form tends to have some kind of "tell" that attests to it being him. This tell tends to be characterized by (usually long) blonde hair and mismatched eyes (one red, one blue), as well as his tendency to take a name that sounds close to his true name (Louis Cypher, Louisa Ferra). This could be evidence that even despite falling from God's graces there are traces of Law within Lucifer's very nature that can't be purged and will always mark him as one of YHWH's creations. On the other hand, it very well could be a sign of Lucifer's own stubborn practicality or even possible lack of imagination. For Lucifer, Chaos simply means overturning the current ruling order and setting up a system where people are based on their merits, not on roles given to them by God. There have certainly been creatures even in his own universe that would suit the title of Lord of Chaos far better.

Lucifer's relationships with other creatures are themselves strange. Despite his insistence that all life must learn to protect itself and rely on no one, he himself seems to constantly meddle in affairs in order to help sentient life, whether demon or human, in combating the tyranny of YHWH. By his own admission, Lucifer states that he has no love for mankind. However, he also states that he doesn't intend to abandon mankind to their fates like God might, but rather intends to help see them through to what he perceives as their destiny. Of course, this destiny is for mankind to set up a meritocracy in defiance of God, because what Lucifer wants must be right and what YHWH wants must be wrong. Lucifer's single-mindedness in this issue is one of his greatest weaknesses: all things, whether they actually are or not, must be some kind of battle between himself and God. He can't perceive or tolerate the notion that there might be some neutral ground between concepts, or that all things may not revolve around this battle. It's a sign of Lucifer's selfishness: he may not believe all things revolve around him exactly but he does fully believe that his battle with YHWH is the single most important thing there can be. That it is so encompassing that all things somehow tie in to it, and all things Lucifer does not like must be some machination of YHWH.

On the other hand of relations, Lucifer seems to have an odd admiration for mankind and sentient creatures. He may not love them, but in many ways it seems he may be fond of them. Much of this is due to the fact that mankind is the one race truly capable of defying YHWH. Another reason is that it was a man, named Aleph, who helped Lucifer protect the Demon World from destruction by YHWH when YHWH intended to begin the end of all things, thus earning Lucifer's respect and, even more surprising, friendship. Aleph is the one being Lucifer might think to actually be a friend. And it is perhaps now, in debt, that Lucifer bothers to help mankind when he does against YHWH's machinations, even if Lucifer is furthering his own at the same time. Lucifer also does seem to have a love for the Makai, or Labyrinth of Amala, or Demon World, which he presides over, and the demons who dwell there. Despite his social Darwinist views he seems to make it his business to protect demons as a whole. At the very least he cherishes the Makai, also known as the Expanse, and the demons who live there far more than the holy heights of Heaven that he has rejected and his kins, the angels, who he hates with a passion and happily wars against. Whether this is some actual sense of duty or because he actually likes the demons under him is unknown.

With his own power and under his own strengths there is very little Lucifer felt that he could not do. In his mind, the further degradation of Law and it's inevitable defeat across reality is closer and closer to being true with the Demi-Fiend now having pledged full fealty to him. The tide, now more than ever, is turning in a manner of speaking. On top of that, to wish for something would be to show weakness. It is to admit that there are things beyond what one could, and if Lucifer can't do it on his own strength then he has no right to it.

Still. There is one thing it wants, dearly, that is beyond it's power. Which leads to it's wish.

"I wish for Aleph to be free from the cursed chains that have been placed upon him by the Creator."

Aleph, the only living creature Lucifer could say he felt true kinship with, who had been cursed for his role in slaying YHWH, the creator god, was fated to be reincarnated, suffer in that reincarnation in helplessness and inability to do anything as he watched the worlds around him crumble, and then die and live again. To openly destroy a decree by God was something Lucifer did not have the power to do; only Aleph had ever proven himself a fully successful denier of God's power, and even then in the end he was trapped by God's curse. If this creature could somehow have the power to nullify YHWH's decree, then it was worth it.

In essence, Lucifer's wish disrupts YHWH's command of how Aleph's reincarnations would go. Aleph's reincarnations would no longer be forced to live lives of worthless misery that had ends they could not affect. What this means is that an even stronger human element would be introduced into the later wars between Law and Chaos. It would not be an element that would always aid Lucifer; the reincarnations would have no memory of who they were before, and thus there was never certainty they would choose Chaos in other conflicts. But he'd have freed the one living creature Lucifer might actually call friend.

For that, he'd be willing to take a debt and pay it. And he will pay it.

Passive ability:
As Lucifer's wish focuses on nullifying curses and restoring people's states to as they were before, Lucifer has an aura around him that affects people close to him that can negate curses or mind affecting abilities. It is worth noting that this can only affect people in his vicinity and specifically affects mind affecting abilities as it's definition of 'curse': it won't affect a 'curse' that affects physical abilities/prowess. It's also worth noting that while it will protect those NEAR Lucifer from such abilities, it will not protect Lucifer himself from them.

Active ability:
Lucifer's wish is about tearing down the curse and boundaries set by God. Because of this, his active ability is the ability to counterspell/break through barrier abilities. It should be noted that barrier would be defined as a sort of magically locked or force field power/barriers created by magi. It does not affect Nightmares or Witches Labyrinths, nor can Lucifer use this to mitigate the magic locks that affect the magi's houses.

A length of chain, 10 ft. long. Lucifer can use this to whip at opponents from a distance, or to wrap around his fists for additional damage with physical strikes.

[The mirror was nothing particularly special to figure out. So odd methods of magical communication had been common, once upon a time, between demons and humans. As forms of communication between those humans who could master magic, and methods by which demons and spirits might appear.

It was quaint, in a way, that it was the method by which this town communicated. Charming, really, when the rest of the world had moved so far on. Lucifer would almost like this place in its own way, if it was not a prison. Even if he had chosen it willingly, Lucifer knew it was a prison still. It did not matter; he would be free of this place eventually, and the being that had confronted him would have no control or say over him. It had occurred to Lucifer that Kyuubey could have been an agent of Law, a being sent to deceive him, to try and trap him.

Then again, the forces of Law weren't that great at deception.

It was all too likely it was a creature possibly new to its own power. Magic overwhelming, but perhaps a little whimsical, lackadaisical in how it pursued its use. Then again, beings that chose to deal in wishes often DID seem such at first, while wanting something far different than what they offered their wish for. A trickster of sorts though, Lucifer was certain, this creature was no kind of trickster he hadn't seen before.

He'd fulfill the request made of him - to exterminate other creatures was, in fact, one of the reasons he had been made. And after the request was fulfilled, he'd leave. Even if he had to tear a hole from this realm into another to do so.

Still. He wasn't alone here. Best, perhaps, to gain an understanding of those he'd be sharing this world with.

Which brings him to his message on the mirror.]


[The boy is disarming in his matter, cold in the way he speaks. His voice is far too adult and stable, far too practical in his mannerisms when he addresses others, even from the first word.]

My, we've found ourselves quite far from home, haven't we? And found ourselves here for what I assume is a great price. Wishes often have consequences far beyond what we can imagine though, if they are given sincerely, they are amazing boons.

Still. I have to wonder. Do you all think it was worth it?

Are you convinced that you could not have gained this, could not have earned it on your own? If not...then do you really think you can prosper here?

I find it doubtful. But it's too late now, isn't it?


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