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Player Name: James

Player Journal: [personal profile] truebluehorror

Age: 27

Contact: [plurk.com profile] nathander

Characters Played: Surprise


Name: Louis Cypher/Louisa Ferra/Hikaru/Lucifer

Canon: Shin Megami Tensei


Canon Point: Post Shin Megami Tensei IV, Nihilist Ending

History: As Lucifer
As his human forms
As Hikaru


Lucifer isn't entirely what you'd expect of the beast who shouted at God in rebellion and fell for his sin. That isn't to say Lucifer is a pleasant creature by any means; he's in fact quite a bit of a monster. Lucifer is a major proponent of the concept of "might makes right". Lucifer believes that the means to power and control should be in the hands of those who have proven themselves the most fit, primarily in physical strength and combat although proving you're intellectually competent as well wouldn't hurt. Because of this more or less social Darwinist view, Lucifer is himself a loner of sorts. He's cold and distant a great deal of the time and seems to either be unable or unwilling to comprehend the emotions of most others. Whether this incomprehension is due to his angelic/divine nature or because of his own view of the world which most humans would view as sociopathic is unknown. While he usually will not go out of his way to be cruel, he has little problem with stating a harsh truth or something that could be cruel in situations where it wouldn't be appropriate. The feelings and thoughts of other sentient beings are unimportant in achieving his own goals, and if they wish to allow their emotions to get in the way of their own rational actions or, worse yet, somehow get their emotions in his way or to annoy him, he'll happily smash them down.

That being said, Lucifer isn't the pinnacle of evil he's made out to be. All he does he does not out of any malice or hatred for sentient creatures or mankind, but to spite God and the forces of Law. As the representative of Chaos, Lucifer sees it as his goal to establish a meritocracy, and often times extols the virtues of such a society, often in flowery language, sometimes slipping into very clear social Darwinist rhetoric. And Lucifer does love to talk. While Lucifer may seem to lack the ability for most personal relationships, he does love to talk and debate, though if this is because he secretly pines for companionship of some kind and won't admit it or merely an extension of his love of conflict is unknown. Lucifer can be nosy, mostly because Lucifer is a schemer and in knowing the creatures of the land he has a better chance of seeing his schemes out to their fruition. He tends to speak in a very respectable tone, avoiding profanity or generally base language, and can on instances show his age by slipping into much more archaic terms of speech, such as "thy" and "thou".

Despite being an avatar of Chaos and constant change, Lucifer is himself oddly consistent. While he can take multiple forms, each form tends to have some kind of "tell" that attests to it being him. This tell tends to be characterized by (usually long) blonde hair and mismatched eyes (one red, one blue), as well as his tendency to take a name that sounds close to his true name (Louis Cypher, Louisa Ferra). This could be evidence that even despite falling from God's graces there are traces of Law within Lucifer's very nature that can't be purged and will always mark him as one of YHWH's creations. On the other hand, it very well could be a sign of Lucifer's own stubborn practicality or even possible lack of imagination. For Lucifer, Chaos simply means overturning the current ruling order and setting up a system where people are based on their merits, not on roles given to them by God. There have certainly been creatures even in his own universe that would suit the title of Lord of Chaos far better.

Lucifer's relationships with other creatures are themselves strange. Despite his insistence that all life must learn to protect itself and rely on no one, he himself seems to constantly meddle in affairs in order to help sentient life, whether demon or human, in combating the tyranny of YHWH. By his own admission, Lucifer states that he has no love for mankind. However, he also states that he doesn't intend to abandon mankind to their fates like God might, but rather intends to help see them through to what he perceives as their destiny. Of course, this destiny is for mankind to set up a meritocracy in defiance of God, because what Lucifer wants must be right and what YHWH wants must be wrong. Lucifer's single-mindedness in this issue is one of his greatest weaknesses: all things, whether they actually are or not, must be some kind of battle between himself and God. He can't perceive or tolerate the notion that there might be some neutral ground between concepts, or that all things may not revolve around this battle. It's a sign of Lucifer's selfishness: he may not believe all things revolve around him exactly but he does fully believe that his battle with YHWH is the single most important thing there can be. That it is so encompassing that all things somehow tie in to it, and all things Lucifer does not like must be some machination of YHWH.

On the other hand of relations, Lucifer seems to have an odd admiration for mankind and sentient creatures. He may not love them, but in many ways it seems he may be fond of them. Much of this is due to the fact that mankind is the one race truly capable of defying YHWH. Another reason is that it was a man, named Aleph, who helped Lucifer protect the Demon World from destruction by YHWH when YHWH intended to begin the end of all things, thus earning Lucifer's respect and, even more surprising, friendship. Aleph is the one being Lucifer might think to actually be a friend. And it is perhaps now, in debt, that Lucifer bothers to help mankind when he does against YHWH's machinations, even if Lucifer is furthering his own at the same time. Lucifer also does seem to have a love for the Makai, or Labyrinth of Amala, or Demon World, which he presides over, and the demons who dwell there. Despite his social Darwinist views he seems to make it his business to protect demons as a whole. Whether this is some actual sense of duty or because he actually likes the demons under him is unknown.

Lucifer is an outstandingly powerful being, being one part of the twin creatures (the other being Satan) meant to wipe out all life at the behest of God. In his own world he's equaled only by his twin, Satan, and lesser in combat power only to God Himself and a few mortals, such as Aleph, or humans with demonic blood or heritage, such as the Demi-Fiend or Abel, the King of Bel. That being said many of Lucifer's powers (such as his ability to create new demons/half-demons, his command of the Labyrinth of Amala and the candlebraum, his immortality) are either too powerful for the setting or have no real way to be addressed in the setting, and will thus be stripped from him entirely upon entrance. A list of powers he might have are:

Increased Physical Combat Powers and Resistances
Made by God at the beginning of time as one of the twin angels to bring about the end of the world, Lucifer is absurdly powerful. He's heavily skilled in physical combat, and has an immense pain threshold and endurance against attacks, physical or magical. It's worth noting, however, that he isn't invulnerable. Anything can still hurt him, he's just harder to hurt than most creatures.

Along with his physical combat prowess, Lucifer is heavily skilled with magic. Most of this is destructive in nature, though unlike some demons he seems to possess no abilities that can just cause immediate death/destruction. He still needs to hit or land with most of his spells, though he has a wide arsenal of elemental infused magic, as well as a series of spells (Megido) that seem to be extensions of divine power. He'll be losing his Megido set of spells, though I ask that he be allowed to keep his elemental magic, his curative magic, and his spell Wicked Gleam, which can allow him to "charm"/mind control others onto his side if it can successfully break through their will.

In order to wander among human beings, Lucifer tends to take human forms. This form can be a person of any gender and age, though there are specific tells to who he is that manifest in him always having blonde hair and often having mismatched eyes, one red and one blue.

How I'd like this to work in game is this. For his actual race, I'd like Lucifer to be a dragon. However, I'd like him to be able to use his shape shifting ability to be able to take a pony form. Specifically, his pony form would be an earth pony that always has a light blue coat with blonde mane, along with mismatched blue and red eyes. I'd ask that he still be able to take his forms of changing age and gender in this pony form as well. Being a pony, however, has another tell: he'll always be a blank flank, even if the form he's taking is one that is old enough that it should have a cutie mark by then.

Demon Summoning
As the lord of Hell and commander de facto of the legions of Chaos, Lucifer has the ability to summon demons to aid him in battle. In this games this can be from one demon at a time to several swarms. For the terms of this game, we'll say he can summon one at a time. In the games he can also summon from any level range of demon, from smallest to greatest, and for MLJ he'll be limited to only summoning from the lowest level brackets (levels 1-20) and even then only capable of summoning some of the more benign/"cute" demons, such as pixies or Jack Frost and Pyro Jack, the Jack Brothers. On top of this, the demons he summons will be fully confined to the Everfree and the outskirts of the Everfree, as Lucifer will be making his home in the forest.

Alongside his general magic, Lucifer possesses the ability to teleport due to his divine nature and command.

While dominating in combat, that's really much of what Lucifer is: a weapon. He knows this and doesn't mind, but in dealing with other creatures it's a severe disadvantage. While it isn't impossible for him to identify and make a connection with another living creature beyond using them or siding with them as an ally, personal connections are so rare they may as well be considered miracles. The reason for this is Lucifer's own inability to understand and comprehend the emotions of other living creatures. Due to his divine and otherworldly nature, Lucifer simply can't fit in or fully understand why or how people think the way they do. He can see only in black and white, and the gray that so many other people can see is beyond him. He's inhuman and beyond that incapable of comprehending even some of the friendships and relationships demons can form, and this inability for him is painfully obvious when one talks with him for too long.

One of Lucifer's strongest weaknesses after SMT IV is that Lucifer has been left in a weakened state. The last war had been punishing for both the sides of Law and Chaos and left the leaders of both alignments struggling. In the case of Lucifer, it essentially slew him and forced him into hiding as a Japanese schoolgirl named Hikaru. While not all of Lucifer's power was stripped from him in this weakened state, only a bare fraction of it remains. As of now, the great majority of Lucifer's powers listed in the powers section are (temporarily) gone. Much of Lucifer's power is being pumped into protecting itself and avoiding detection; because of his, powers/items/other means of detecting that "Hikaru"/Lucifer is a demon are ineffective. Lucifer also retain's it's ability to teleport, to summon demons, and still has access to healing magic. Physically, Lucifer is still stronger than a great deal of others, but no longer super-humanly so. All of Lucifer's offensive magic, his shape-shifting (including his demon/dragon forms), and his physical and magical resistances (aside from mind control) have been stripped from it.

Theoretically, there is a way for Lucifer to regain the power it's lost: it needs to fuse with a willing participant, which will allow Lucifer to resummon its power into a new form. In SMT IV, this fusion occurs by Lucifer devouring/absorbing a willing participant, who must be a mortal being (another supernatural creature will cause the alchemy of the fusion to fail). While this fusion summons Lucifer's true power through the creation of a new demonic form (a combination of Hikaru and whoever was participating), the fusion kills the participant, though their consciousness is infused within Lucifer as part of the sacrifice.

For the game mechanics of MLJ, Lucifer would (again) have to find a willing, non-supernatural character willing to sacrifice themselves into being part of the fusion. On the off chance that Lucifer succeeds at this, the process of the fusion would inherently kill the character who agrees to participate. However, unlike in game the character who agreed would still come back as normal without any penalties, and Lucifer would not gain any of the memories or consciousness of the participant that s/he consumed (as in this instance, Lucifer will only consume the body and not the mind and soul of the participant as he would in SMT IV.) Should Lucifer succeed in this, s/he would regain his/her full power set as listed in the powers section, and as set at an appropriate level for MLJ.

Possessions: A set of suits for each of his male forms, and a dress for Louisa

Pony/Animal Type:

Dragon. While it could be argued Lucifer is a being powerful enough to be an alicorn, the form of a dragon would suit him far better. He's greedy in the sense not that he's a hoarder, but that he knows what he wants and pursues it endlessly. He's a loner, by nature, as well though this is compounded by the fact that he has no idea of how to form a genuine bind with other living creatures. There's also the simple sense of brute power that he possesses and, in a way, represents that seems more fitting for the form of a dragon than the majestic grace of an alicorn.

As Hikaru, Lucifer is trapped in the form of a brown furred, black maned pegasus. This form has no cutie mark.

Cutie Mark: None

Pony Picture:
Unfortunately none really available. I can make one later.

First Person:
Mm. How droll. I will admit that taking a different form isn't new for me. Form and shape are worthless, so much inherent baggage just to conceal what you really are. A pony or a man, it makes little difference.

Although, I will say, when I wish to change shape I take the initiative in doing such.

Still, being here, I can't say I entirely disapprove of the way of life here. To change the seasons yourselves and have control over them...that's perhaps the last real challenge for domination any beings would have to overcome, wouldn't it? And yet you all make it seem so quaint. I'm not sure if I'm amused or disappointed that you see being able to control nature itself as mundane.

But then again, I suppose the basic idea isn't different for most creatures. After all, we each have control over something.

Third Person:
Truth be told, the town didn't interest him much. It was sad in a way; Lucifer considered himself a cosmopolitan, even if cosmopolitan to him meant sitting in a bar and chatting humans up, hoping the right human would show up at some point. Lucifer supposed that's what disappointed him at this point: not that he was among ponies, as many of even the natives seemed hardly different from mankind to him. Rather, he was disappointed by the lack of the bar. Unfortunate, he supposed, but sometimes one must get by with a lack of what Lucifer had found to be the finer pleasantries in mortals' lives.

The forest a bit of a ways from the town, however, he loved. Lucifer would admit he had a an odd...appreciation for the control the ponies seemed to have over nature. It was domination, conquest over one's domain, and that was something Lucifer viewed with great respect. Still, the absolute wildness, the naturalness of the Everfree beckoned to him. The place was wild, and that was what Lucifer appreciated more than anything else.

The fact that the forest seemed to work as a good way to camouflage his current form didn't hurt, however. He would need to test and see if he could still change at, but for now it'd be best to become used to the form that had become his new "primary" one. He supposed there were worse things to be turned into, although the idea that someone should have enough control to make him into what they wanted him to be angered Lucifer, no matter how much he might like the great, black scales of his draconic form.

Lucifer had to smirk at that. A dragon. He paused a moment before turning his head skyward. "It's what you always said I was in your little book, isn't it?" He kept his voice soft, as soft as a dragon's could be, as he addressed a God he was relatively sure wasn't there. Relatively. He'd hardly be surprised if YHWH or any of his servitors had ended up here as well and might listen. "A pity you must think it they didn't go with the serpent, and force me to crawl through the dirt."

He waited a moment, as if expecting a response that deep down he knew would never come. He made a snirking sound in the back of his throat, a wordless admonishment for even bothering with this, before glancing this way and that. That was an adventure in and of itself. The size he was was nothing new for him; in his full demonic glory, he could be a huge figure. The extended, serpentine neck of the dragon, however, was new. And disorienting. But he would get used to it.

After all, that was one of the main things that Lucifer thought separated him from all the other angels who still crooned and worshipped at their impotent god's feet.

Lucifer knew how to adapt.


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