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A. Near the Church, Afternoon

[If you happen to be by the church today, you might spot a young, blonde haired boy looking at it from a short distance. It's hard to tell what he's doing at first; considering it looks like he's hiding behind a tree, he could easily be mistaken as a child possibly playing a game with a friend. But if you look closer, it becomes fairly obvious that he is, for some reason, watching the church.

And shortly the church bell rings, announcing the end of the service, the doors opening and the drone congregation pouring out. The boy's head moves a little, following the line of drones as they leave, as if trying to survey just how many were in there.

After a moment, the boy gives a small sound of disgust, before saying to no one in particular.]

You must be loving this, aren't you?

B. Around Town

[Around various points in town today, you'll find that several weird, almost cute looking snowmen have been constructed. All throughout the park, on the sidewalks, maybe even on your front lawn.

Eventually, you might come across the culprit himself, diligently making another one and humming softly to himself.]
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