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[Action 1]

[It's a beautiful Saturday morning, isn't it? And, being a Saturday, it is perhaps surprising to find an elementary school student on school grounds, having apparently acquired a pail of paint and brush. The boy has taken it upon himself, as his duty in fact, to add some color to the school on this day off.

If no one interrupts him and he gets to finish his work, those who might pass by the school today will find the following written on the side of the school building.]

Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number -
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you -
Ye are many - they are few.

[Lucifer just stares at the words for a few moments, as if admiring his work. It was small, but it was still defiance. It was something.]

[Action 2]

[As you're going about your business today, you might pass a group of three boys. Two of the boys are quite clearly drones, while the other is not. The one who isn't a drone is especially obvious because of the mis-matched red and blue eyes he has. Either way, he seems to be trying to convince the two drone boys of something.]

But you said he was rude to you, did you not?

Well yeah, Johnny was, but he apologized!

Yeah Louis, no hard feelings, y'know? No reason to gang up on a guy.

So you will simply accept his rudeness, then? If someone is rude to you...should they not have to answer for their actions?

Aw c'mon Louis, he apologized! It's not like he meant it!

A slight is still a slight. Does an apology truly have any meaning? If someone hadn't meant to do something, they would not have done it. Saying something is a "mistake" is just saying "I've been caught in my act".

[The two drone boys laugh at that.]

Gosh Louis, you sure are weird sometimes!

You're just putting us on, yeah! We'll see you later!

[The two drone boys leave, leaving a very irritated looking Lucifer behind, murmuring to himself.]

No spirit or will....
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